Start fighting effects of the temperature in your city

The "heat island" effect in cities doubles the average urban cost of climate change


€ 4 million invested in repairing roads in Oxfordshire in 2006 due to heat damage

The heat wave of 2018 left 80 people dead and 35,000 assisted in hospitals in Japan


The highest level of CO2 concentration in the last 15 million years was reached in 2018

Cadena SER

Software to make your city a more comfortable, resilient and intelligent place


Software that monitors and measures the temperature, at the neighbourhood scale, locating the most vulnerable areas and offering recommendations for action to stabilize the temperature in those areas

  • Locating priority spots
  • Suggestions for measures and actions
  • Monitoring the mitigation achieved
  • Forecast (beta)


Tool that helps you prioritize the action spots and recommends specific actions for your case

Locate the areas of greatest vulnerability and temperature variation
Discover the consequences in your economy, population and infrastructure
Decide the urban spaces in which you will act (buildings, parks, ...)
Inspire yourself with ideas made in other cities with similar problems
Check the forecast of effectiveness of these actions in time
Follow up. We help you to correct deviations or make improvements


The design of suitable indicators to monitor the development and results of programmed actions is currently essential for the public manager; Green Urban Data is an ally in our city.

José Ignacio Lacomba
Head of service of environment and climate change area of Valencia City and doctor of biological sciences

Counteract the effects of temperature on the health and economy of your city



SaaS temperature regulator

A powerful SaaS to adapt your city to the effects of temperature variations that gain effectiveness by involving and empowering your citizens


Healthy Routes App

It shows you the healthiest routes to move around your city. Athletes, people who suffer from allergies, people with reduced mobility or any citizen can find the path that best suits their needs

  • Route with more shade
  • Route with less allergens
  • Route with less noise